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Descargas y actualizaciones KAT-TUN 2 de agosto 2014

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sources stated at the end of this post 

• Junno: As expected “Takoyaki toka” (gag) is not working.
Ueda: You’re so blunt. This is Osaka.... Ver más


sources stated at the end of this post :)

• Junno: As expected “Takoyaki toka” (gag) is not working.
Ueda: You’re so blunt. This is Osaka.
*Junno is thinking very hard right now*
Junno: Osaka is tough after all. It’s hard.
Ueda: This guy’s ears already red.
Junno: Don’t say that outloud. 

• Junno: What is your favourite song from the album?
Ueda: I think I like Hide & Seek coz it has KAT-TUN feel to it.
Junno: Besides it’s the type of song I imagine Hyphen will like it as well right. Like Fire & Ice or Phoenix. All those KAT-TUN-like song.

• Junno is very smart in dealing with otaku(avid fan) who mobbed over him. Even though there’s trouble walking through he just dash through all of them. 

• When they're about to change outfit Ueda put his hands on Junno’s shoulder and said 「Ta~~~guchi let’s go and change! 」
*He said Taguchi in long adorable way~ *

• Junno: I really wish to make up a gag from here, something like takoyaki toka, is there any?
Ueda: You are welcome to stand in the middle.
Junno: Okay, (doing hand movement of making takoyaki) Takotako
Ueda: I don’t get you.
Nakamaru: That’s mean~
Kame: Increase the seaweed. 
Nakamaru: We did that 2 years ago didn’t we?
It was actually 4 years ago.

• When Kame suddenly disappear after he get off from the audience, it can be heard from Junno’s mic him asking “daijoubu? (are you okay?)” It seems he slips at the stairs.

• When MC ended Kame suddenly stand up first before other members did.
Kame: You guys are so cool just now. When you guys started to move, for some reason I thought I should move as well. Like “ah~ we’re all KAT-TUN.”

• Junno: It's hard to make people in Osaka to laugh.

Ueda: On the contrary isn't this Osaka's people specialty?

Nakamaru: Isn't that true?

Ueda: Well then that weird looking guy (at the front) Do something funny.

Junno: Eeeeeeeee Do E SU <3

• When looking at members line up in standing position

Kame: Woah I feel like I'm in KAT-TUN!
Ueda: That's right! It's KAT-TUN!
Nakamaru: ...It was you guys?
Junno: You guys are KAT-TUN?

• During MC: Ueda: wait, sorry I'll be right back! KT-N: Eeee??!? What? U: I forgot the lyrics ~_~;;;: *runs offstage*

• After MC: Ueda starts singing STAR -> fails with lyrics -> Junno continues but Kame breaks it off: stopstopstop let's redo this guys pls sob

• K: this is so lame, I'm not blaming Ueda but Nakamaru's intro before was way too rushed *everyone starts arguing* *hyphens ded of lol*

• K: Let's start from the end of the MC *talks about their fail, takes forever to get into the right flow* U: Yabai, Im so dokidoki doushiyou

• KT struggles with reintroducing STAR, staff puts on the music again but KT still talk so music stops 2 secs later *Kame collapses on floor*

• Ueda sings the right lyrics for STAR, Junno does as well, all is well, proud Hyphens congratulates by clapping in the middle of the song

• Nakamaru to fan: Where are you from? Fan: NANDEEE N: *at her impolite language* Have we been dating for 20 years or?

• Nakamaru: So how long have you been a KAT-TUN fan?
Excited fan: ---SINCE I WAS BORN!! \(^o^)/
N: Liar! 

• *excited fan shouts things to Nakamaru*
N: ..DAMATTE kureru? 

• Nakamaru *stands close to Kame*
K: Chikai!...*cozies up even closer, looks into his eyes, wraps leg between Maru's, bends down in under him*

• Maru sings wrong part in Sunrise, Ueda sings but gets confused 
U: OI?!! T: eeh?! 
Kame walks past them and summarizes: Hai, Nakamaru Faail~

• Nakamaru: Apparently Kyary Pamu Pamu has a quite long real name.
KT-U: Eh really? So what is it?
N: I don't know tho.. :-|

• N: I'll lookitup on google *runs hand up&down pants pocket*
K: what are you doing
N: That was to express looking something up on the phone-
-N: was that not properly conveyed? *continues to run hands along pocket* 
KT-U: lol no
N: because you have your phone in your pocket...

• N: Its annoying when wearing tight pants. When you put them on or dance the pockets gets twisted
everyone agrees and puts hands inside pants

• Nakamaru: I see my mousepad used as uchiwa, like Really telling us to COME HERE.... Actually I made it with just that in mind サイズちょうどいいでしょ~

credits to:
Trans: marynasuke, WildAdapter and Luvfebruary2023@twitter
Photo: mtmn94@twitter


credits to: maks0v0ksms@dailymotion

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